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Water Softening Benefits

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The entire household runs more smoothly when there is a plentiful supply of soft, conditioned water.  Water is considered the universal solvent.  With a Water Conditioning system, all these advantages can be yours:

Whiter, Brighter Clothes. Conditioned water eliminates the soap curd that clings to clothes.  By rinsing away the soil holding scum that makes clothes look gray and dingy, soft water makes clothes cleaner and brighter.

  1. Luxurious shampoos. Conditioned, soft water floods away soap and dirt film and leaves your hair really clean, silky and manageable and you use up to 50% – 75% less!! on these products.
  2. More refreshing baths. Conditioned, soft water cleans the pores in your skin and rinses away soap residues that cause chapping & redness.  Your complexion will glow and even shaving becomes smooth.
  3. Easier dish washing. With conditioned water, there’s no dull sticky film or water spots. Dishwasers use 50% less soap Dishes and glassware sparkle!
  4. More flavorful foods and beverages. Even the food you eat and drink will look and taste better.  With conditioned water, the natural flavor of foods is retained because hard water mineral are not cooked in.  50% savings on Coffee. Tea taste better too!
  5. More efficient cleaning. soft conditioned water floats away dirt and grime and makes dozens of cleaning chores easier.  Sinks, tubs and fixtures are easier to clean and they dry without streaking.
  6. Save up to 70% of soaps and detergents. You save money on detergents for laundry, no more fabric softeners, no more Bleach, What makes your clothes colors dull and your whites yellow is all due from hard water.
  7. Save on clothing costs.  Laboratory tests have shown that clothing washed in soft water will last up to 30% longer.
  8. Save on plumbing. Conditioned, soft water prevents ‘lime scale’ which clogs pipes and water heaters, reduces water flow and can lead to expensive repairs.
  9. Soft water prevents formation of hard water scale in laundry equipment & dishwasher which can lead to malfunctioning of equipment & wasted fuel.
  10.  Bottom line our units pay for them selfs with all the savings

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